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Here at Honeysuckle Homestead we're all about growing things.  Flowers, fruit, veggies, kids, and healthy souls.  Harvesting wild honeysuckle from our woods to slurp the sweet nectar like hummingbirds led to the birth of Honeysuckle Homestead.  We're growing joy and healing hearts by sharing our abundance of flowers with the world.  The delicious smell of lilacs takes me back to my grandma's garden.  She showed me how to pick raspberries into a crystal dish then to enjoy them with a drizzle of cream.  We love that a flower can transport you to a special moment in time.  God's allowed us the privilege to be a part of that.  We're hopeful that one day soon we'll be able to offer Summery Bunches through a farm stand, garden workshops, and flower arranging parties.  For now, please inquire about ordering through the contact form or watch social media for updates on flowers offered through Erin's Flower and More in Spirit Lake as we have extras to share. 

    Keep growing!              -Aimee

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Seasonal Blooms

Really, the world definitely needs more

Summery Bunches


Homestead Offerings

Honeysuckle Homestead grows flowers from the early spring, through vibrant summer, all the way to a restful fall.  Our seasonal blooms are hard to find at flower markets because they don't ship well.  Take advantage of the unique varieties that our local flower farm can provide for your table.  

Pick up your Summery Bunch from Honeysuckle Homestead by contacting us with your request harvested just for you or from Erin's Flowers & More in Spirit Lake as available throughout the season.  Picked fresh daily, your flowers will smell amazing and brighten your day.  Everything we grow at Honeysuckle Homestead is grown with love, so our flowers look better, smell better, and last longer.

We love to grow all kinds of things on the homestead.  Berries, sugar snap peas, zucchini, rhubarb, and whatever else makes its way into our soil.  Chicken eggs too!  Everything we offer is grown responsibly and picked in season, so you can fully enjoy God’s gifts.  Sustainable and happy.  Our offerings change depending on the time of year.  Look to our social media for any homestead offerings available weekly. 


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